Faerie Rings ® Collection
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What a pretty combination of fun dots and leaves. For color and movement, a blue lapis stone and of course, a Tiny Faerie Wand! Choose from the dozens of designs from the Faerie Rings® Collection to create your own look.

Prices from left to right are $15, $15, $20, $15 and $15.

The Love Letter charm makes a supportive gift from that special person who's been behind you all along. Given with a special note, the Love Letter charm acts a a reminder of all the support around her. A matching ring is also available.

Faerie size ring is $15.
Human size ring is $60.

The magic of faeries is captured here with a Faerie Slipper, Wee Faerie Wand and two Faerie Rings. The Silver Snake chain is simple and sleek; it sets off the clean lines of these pieces.

Prices from left to right are $30, $18, $45, $14.

actual size 1/2 inch diameter

The promise of the Frog Prince is irresistible!

The "Large" Frog Prince is 5/8 inch tall and costs only $45.

actual size 5/8 inch high


These are only a few examples from the many designs for you to choose from.
Lynette Miller will gladly present her line to you or to your committee.
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