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Individual Pieces Listed Below

Gold Faerie Crown with Pearls

  Shown Enlarged: 14K Gold

What Faerie Princesse wouldn't want this! This faerie crown is elegant when worn by itself and it's stunning when worn with gold and silver Faerie Rings®. The dimensions are 1/2" x 3/4". The price of gold has changed so much that I can't keep the site up to date. Please call for a quote.

14K Gold w/Pearls       GFC-3P   Call for Price     Qty:

Sterling Silver w/Pearls   FC-3P   $ 105     Qty:

Tiny Frog Prince

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

How many frogs do you have to kiss before you find your Prince? At least this one is cute. He's small enough to rest on your fingernail, but you'll want to wear him on a Faerie Rings® chain. Try pairing him with a Magic Wand. The crowned frog is 1/4" and hangs about 1" from the necklace.

Sterling Silver       TFPD     $ 40       Qty:  

Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The pod from the Quichii plant, known as the Quichiipod (kwicheepod), is favoured among faeries because inside its elongated pods is a sweet aroma that fills the air with a sense of peace. The sides of the ring are embellished with the Quichii flower which faeries like to wear in their hair.

Sterling Silver   PR4-6       $ 35     Qty:

14K Gold       GPR4-6     Call for price     Qty:

Mushroom Earrings

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The jester ring brings out the jester in all of us. Joking and humor are an important part of faerie life. So when you wear a helpful reminder that life is supposed to be fun it will make you smile!

Sterling Silver   PR2-1       $ 30     Qty:

14K Gold       GPR2-1     Call for Price     Qty:

Faerie Slipper

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Even faeries' ankles get cold, so when they fly to northern countries they take along their tall slippers like this one. This Faerie Slipper is 1" long.

Sterling Silver       FS-11       $ 50       Qty:

14K Gold             GFS-11       Call for Price       Qty:

Faerie Birthstone

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

As the days grow shorter, sunlight seems even more precious. A ray of golden sunlight is reflected from this tiny ring and when worn with other faerie treasures, it lightens up the day. This topaz Faerie Ring doubles as the November birthstone for those with their birthday this month.

Sterling Silver       FRBS-11       $ 40       Qty:

14K Gold             GFRBS-11       Call for Price       Qty:

Leaf Garland Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Trees are intertwined in ours lives and our history. Giving voice to the wind, filling autumn with colour, reminding us of renewal each spring with bright green leaves; all the while staying in one place! Because they tend to stay in one place, trees have been dependable meeting places throughout the ages.

Sterling Silver       LG-7       $ 15       Qty:

14K Gold             GLG-7       Call for Price       Qty:

Faerie Slipper

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

The jester Faerie Slipper with its floppy topping looks just like something a faerie would wear trapsing around the garden filling the air with giggles. ***The gold/silver combination is all sterling silver with (solid) 14K gold balls. This Faerie Slipper is 1" long.

Sterling Silver       FS-12       $ 50       Qty:

Silver/14K Gold     g/sFS-12       $ 110       Qty:

14K Gold             GFS-12       Call for Price       Qty:

Walnut Dangle

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Walnuts are coveted by the faeries because they make great boxes in which to stash things. Faeries use the walnut meat they make their famous walnut bread pudding. Have you ever noticed when you leave out a bowl of walnuts there seem to be some missing the next day? Clear evidence of fearie action if you just think about it for a moment.

Sterling Silver       WD       $ 35       Qty:  

Faerie Ring Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

Bubbles can contain fears, hopes and desires. They float, seemingly weightless, toward the ceiling of the sky where fears are alleviated and the seeds of dreams are imbedded in the clouds. Matching earrings, E-PR1-5 can also be ordered this month. The earring hoops are 1/2" in diameter. Silver earrings have stainless steel posts. Gold earrings have 14K gold posts.

Sterling Silver       PR1-5       $ 15       Qty:

14K Gold             GPR1-5       Call for Price       Qty:

Sterling Silver       E-PR1-5       $ 50       Qty:

14K Gold             EG-PR1-5       Call for Price       Qty:

Carnelian Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

This carnelian is the colour of Autumbra's hair, it glows a warm rust-red when she is in flight.

Sterling Silver       FRND-carn    $ 20       Qty:  

Three-strand Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

If you look carefully, you'll see that there are two strands twisted together that are woven into a third strand. Similarly, when the worlds of people and faeries are united, there is a new realm of possibilities. When bound together, the separate worlds of people and faeries, unite the realms of the mystic and real -- of magic and fun.

Sterling Silver       PR5-3    $ 15       Qty:  

14K Gold             GPR5-3       Call for Price       Qty:

Acorn Garland Faerie Ring

  Shown Enlarged: Sterling Silver

"Great oaks from little acorns, grow"

                 -- 14th century proverb

Sterling Silver       LG-6    $ 15       Qty:  

14K Gold             GLG-6       Call for Price       Qty: